Reception Issues

1. Browser Security Settings: Internet browsers have security settings that can be customized by the user. A number of different reception problems can occur if certain settings are enabled or disabled. Some known issues are detailed below.

2. Connectivity Issues: Because messages can contain streaming content; a good connection to the Internet is required when viewing them. Here are some examples of these kinds of issues.

3. Plug-ins: The application converts most streaming media types to a proprietary Java player, so plug-ins are not required. The only exception to this is in the case of Flash files. If you do not have the Flash plug-in installed your browser will prompt you to do so. However, if you choose not to or are unable to install the plug-in, portions of the message will not appear correctly. (Some systems require that you have Administrator privileges to install software, if you do not you will be unable to install the Flash plug-in.)

4. Mail Client Truncating the Link: Occasionally a mail client may truncate the "click to view" link, causing it not to function. In this case you will need to copy and paste the URL into your browser. This can be done in the following way.